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A unique piece of the award-winning company Antonino Piscitello Ceramics, entirely handmade rapresenting an Icon for ancient Sicilian symbolism. The Matrangela symoblizes fertility, happiness and love; It is blue, carrying a flower (love); on the back you can find a candle holder.


At a time not too far, young Sicilian brides use to receive the Matrangela as gift, statues bearing lumens rapresenting the mythical figure of the "Mother of the Angels".

Today, the wonderful artisan creativity of Antonino Piscitello Ceramics, revives the Sicilian Matrangels in many versions, always beautiful and unique.

The Matrangela is one of the most fascinating and famous pieces of our selection of Sicilian high-end craftsmanship and is available in different versions and sizes.

Matrangela Mini

  • Height: 13cm.

    Available in different colours

    Please ask to Customer Service at for the most suitable for you.

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